Our Mission Statement

Unionville Alliance Church exists to lead people to know Jesus Christ and to follow him passionately.


Our Vision Statement

Touching our world through Jesus Christ, one life at a time.

1.     To be vital

We will be a church that is brimming with life, joy and love, a place where people are excited to gather and sense God’s presence together in a real and powerful way. We will seek him in prayer and lift him up in music and receive his word as it is faithfully and relevantly explained with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is this word that when obeyed will bring genuine life transformation. The end result is that we will be a people growing in maturity and Christ-likeness.

2.     To reach out with the Good News of Jesus

Our commitment is to fulfill Jesus’ mission for his church, inviting people to become passionate followers of Jesus. We will accomplish this by presenting the gospel and demonstrating Christ’s love practically. Evangelism will be at the heart of what we do. We will create a warm and inviting environment that will enhance the message. Our services will be sensitive to the presence and needs of those who are not yet believers. We will encourage everyone to be engaged in reaching out with their various gifts. We will be continually sowing the seed of the gospel and trusting God to provide a harvest. We will also support outreach to those outside our immediate locale through participation in our Global Outreach program.

3.     To experience meaningful community

We desire to see every member of our church family connected in a meaningful community through participation in Life Groups. We want everyone to find a place of belonging where they can be nurtured, supported, cared for and where they can care for others—a place where they can share their joys, sorrows and help bear each other’s burdens. We want to provide an environment where we journey together in faith, holding each other accountable as we grow together in our faith.

4.     To be diverse

We will celebrate and promote the beauty of diversity and unity within the body of Christ. We want to include people from various ethnic, generational and socio-economic groupings that reflect the diversity of our community. We want the world to see the love and harmony we enjoy in the church and how all are welcomed. Out of concern for our future we want to have a special focus on a younger demographic that will position us well for good future leadership and longevity.

5.     To strengthen the family

As a church we accept the challenge of upholding and encouraging the family as the basic structural building block of society. We will promote strong, committed marriages and will help to equip parents to successfully raise their children to follow Jesus Christ passionately.  

6.     To mobilize for service

Every believer has been gifted by God to be able to contribute to building up the body of Christ through the use of their gifts. We will help people discover how they have been uniquely equipped by God for serving. We will seek to mobilize the whole church to serve one another.

7.     To care for those in need

We will demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus through providing practical assistance to people in our community who have needs. Jesus said that if we did it to the least of these we have done it to him.

8.     To be current but grounded

We will be a church that understands the various changes and pressures that exist in society which challenge the church in her doctrine and practice. We will thoughtfully and prayerfully evaluate those changes and seek to be current, while at the same time be guided by and faithful to the eternal word of God. We will be current but thoroughly biblical.