The Road of the Redeemed

Within the pages of the Old Testament is found one of the greatest short stories ever written. It is the story of Naomi but it is a reflection of the great plan of God for mankind. We find failure, discouragement, calamity, and grief in the life of Naomi which is surpassed by favour, grace, love, forgiveness, redemption and hope. 


In this small story we see how God sovereignly and providentially moves and works to bring about His beautiful purpose in our lives even when we mess up and make wrong decisions. Moreover, it highlights the greatness of God and His great work in our seemingly ordinary lives. This is a story for people who wonder where God’s blessing is when grief is strong, where faith is when tragedy strikes, and where God’s presence is when hope is lost. Throughout our lives, the Lord is planning in love for our good and to fulfill His purpose.