Humble beginnings...Over 75 years ago, God cast the vision for a Unionville church in the heart of a local Scottish woman and she began to pray. After over 25 years of faithfulness, she saw her prayers answered when a small church began. During those early years, the founding families met in some rather untraditional locations — like the local Veteran's Hall, where setting up included cleaning up the dirty ashtrays and beer bottles still strewn about from the night before. But this small, community-based church slowly began to grow, drawing more and more people to its doors. From the very beginning, the church leaders had a vision for a larger community-directed ministry. Wanting to touch the lives of young people led to a successful bus ministry that drew in over 300 kids from the community. But there was a longing to meet the needs of the kids' parents, too.

In 1953, a new church building was completed on 342 Main Street. Originally called the Unionville Gospel Centre, this church soon joined the Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches of Canada. It was an exciting time as many seekers and new believers began to come. Home Bible study groups were organized to help new believers grow in their faith. Eventually the building could no longer contain the needs of this growing congregation. The property was sold and a parcel of land on Sixteenth Ave was bought. Temporarily meeting in Unionville Public School, the congregation entered an incredible time of waiting on God. It would take many miracles to provide the finances and workforce needed to build a new facility. However, the hearts of the people were stirred. Finally, on December 20, 1987, after a tremendous display of teamwork and dedication, the doors of Unionville Alliance Church on Sixteenth Ave. were opened for the first time.

Each new chapter in our journey has brought fresh focus and direction. Yet throughout the years, our vision has remained the same — to nourish a growing community of believers into authentic relationships with Jesus Christ. Because we've discovered that with God, there is no limit to the awesome opportunity — to seek people far from God in our community and beyond... and help them find their way home to the Father